Model 8020 Impeller Packer

Unit Description:
Impeller bagger for filling valve bags with powders and sand mixes.

Standard Specifications:

  • Bag Weight Accuracy: +- 3 oz. to 5 oz.
  • Production Rates: (4) to (12) bags/minute
  • Bag Weight Range: 20 lbs to 110 lbs (9 kg to 50 kg)
  • Electrical Voltage: 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz supply required. 5 Hp 1800 RPM TEFC Motor, Control transformer and 110V single phase, 60 Hz controls included.
  • Control Air: 80 PSI required @ 1 CFM
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 1000 lbs. (454 kg)

Examples of Product Application Include:
Graphite, Pigments, Clays, Silica, Hydrated Lime, Gypsum, Calcium Carbonates

Typical Materials:
The Model 8020 is designed to automatically fill and weigh finely divided solids ranging in size from microns to 100 mesh. Products which tend to retain air fluidization are excellent prospects for this bagger. Examples of successful applications include products such as cement, lime, talc, clay, sulfur dust, and finely divided rock products.

Typical bags are multiwall or plastic valve type of 22 to 110 pounds (10-50 kg). Our Model 8020 is capable of filling up to (8) 50 lb (25 kg) bags per minute, per tube (depending on product characteristics).

A major advantage of the 8020 is its ability to pack material into a minimum size bag, thereby reducing bag costs. This capability results from the action of the two-side compression screws which feed dense products to the shrouded rotary impeller. Because of this design, less air is entrained, and it is practical to use a smaller bag or to fill at a faster rate.


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