Model 8020 V Horizontal Impeller Valve Packer

Unit Description:
Vertical shaft driven impeller bagger with a curved four-bladed impeller designed for packaging fine inorganic powders.

Standard Specifications:

  • Bag Weight Accuracy: +- 1/2% for mechanical scale weighing, +- 1/4% for electronic weighing
  • Production Rates: (5) to (9) 50 lb bags/minute
  • Bag Weight Range: 10 lbs to 110 lbs (5 kg to 50 kg)
  • Electrical Voltage: 240/480 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Control Air: 80 PSI required @ 1.5 CFM
  • Dust Collection Connection: 400 CFM per filling spout recommended

Examples of Product Application Include:
Graphite, Pigments, Clays, Silica, Hydrated Lime, Gypsum, Calcium Carbonates

Operating Principle:
The model 8020V Packer uses a curved horizontal four-bladed impeller mounted on a vertical shaft. Product flows from a bin vertically down into the throat of the impeller. This curved impeller provides a centrifugal force, which pulls material downward and propels it into the bag. This bagger can be equipped with a single speed mechanical scale or an electronic two-speed variable frequency drive scale.

Dust Collection Option and other Options:
The standard unit comes equipped with a dust collection hook up shroud. Recommended volume for the dust collector is 400 CFM per spout. Other options such as bag seal assembly and tube clean out are also provided.


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