Open Mouth Double Auger Packer - Model 206 OMDA

Unit Description: Electronic weighing double auger bagger for filling open mouth bags with dry powders, pelleted or granular materials. Some examples of products include flours and starches, cakey flours, cement grouts and other industrial chemicals. 

Standard Specifications:

  • Bag Weight Accuracy: +-1/4%
  • Production Rates: (5) to (12) 50 lb bags, boxes, or drums / minute
  • Bag Weight Range: 10 lbs to 125 lbs (5 kg to 55 kg)
  • Electrical Voltage: 220/600 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 or 60 Hz, Powered by two electric motors
  • Control Air: 80 PSI required @ 1.5 CFM
  • Dust Collection Connection: 400 CFM per filling spout recommended

Operating Principle: The model 206 OMDA packer is equipped with two augers (maximum diameter 8 inches; minimum diameter 3 inches). When first started, both augers will run. The larger auger will stop at a preprogrammed rate, where the dribble cycle will begin. Only the smaller auger will continue to run until the final programmed weight is met. A high-speed electronic controller is used in order to maintain the accuracy while providing optimal production rates. 

Dust Collection Connection: The standard unit comes equipped with a dust collection hook up shroud. Recommended volume for the dust collector is 400 CFM per spout. Other options such as bag seal assembly on some units are used when filling poly bags.


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