IBC Bulk Bag Filler & Flex Screw Unloader

Unit Description:
ECC's Materials Handling Group has developed these accurate, reliable units for filling and weighing intermediate Bulk Containers used in overseas, interplant and intraplant shipments. Units accommodate any dry powdered, granular or pelletized material.

For Dry Material Shipments:

Pellets, Powders, Mixes
Overseas, Interplant, Intraplant
Gross Capacity up to 5,000 lbs.

Ideal For:

Chemical processing industries
Food processors and manufacturing bakers
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers
Plastics - raw materials manufacturers and compounders
Concrete, quarrying and mining operations

System Description

  • Because the range of materials now transported in bulk bags is so varied, the ECC systems are individually tailored to suit the operation requirements of the user. All platform type systems have 2-stage bulk/dribble fill, and are available with electronic load cells. Gross capacity is 5,000 lbs.
  • Extremely high accuracy in weigh/filling flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (big bags)
  • Rugged construction and high reliability minimize maintenance and spare parts inventory
  • Tolerates overloads and side loads
  • Microprocessor control with digital weight indicator, set weight controls (including variable adjustment to compensate for material in flight), tare adjustment, and sequence operating controls
  • Stainless steel material contact parts
  • Requires only 25 sq. ft. of floor space


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